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Lesson Plan Ideas

Economics - Economic Scrapbook

Activity Overview
Create a newspaper/magazine article scrapbook that focuses on the economic "crisis" that began in Fall 2007. The newspaper/magazine scrapbook should include a minimum of six articles from prominent newspapers or magazines that describe the following economic issues: the housing market, the failure of businesses including banks, actions taken by the Federal Reserve, the rising inflation and unemployment rates, and the actions taken by the state or federal government. You may also select articles that describe the public's response to theses issues and actions. Students will choose a minimum of six different concepts from the elements in the macroeconomics standards and connect each selected concept to at least one distinct article in the scrapbook.

Tools to Consider
Galileo - for article search
Google News - newspaper search

World History - Sugar and Spice and NOT Everything Nice

Activity Overview
Create a flow chart that shows the relationship between the movement of people and the effects of those movements on all societies involved. For this flow chart you will include all of the following factors:
  • The export of new food crops to the Old World helps those continents recover its population
  • The decision of Columbus to try a new route
  • The heated competition for colonies among northern European countries
  • The establishment of sugar plantations in the colonies
  • The problems faced by Europeans trading in the Middle East in the 1400s
  • The decision to import forced labor from Africa
  • The beginnings of the explorations of the Portuguese
Tools to Consider
Flow chart -

U.S. History - Social Movements

Activity Overview
You will be assigned a member of a social movement of the last half of the twentieth century (ex. MLK, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Megar Evers, etc.) to research. Based on your research of primary sources from the time period, identify and explain all changes resulting from the movement event. You will write several diary entries (min. 5), as if you are an aide this person. The focus will be on your involvement in the movement and your connection to the movement. Your entries should focus on the changes in you daily life after a significant event in the movement. Your entries will be analyzed for your ability to view this event from this point of view and the historical relevance of your observation, as well as, how well it demonstrates your understanding of the movement and the role played by individuals, groups and/or institutions.

Tools to Consider
  • Blog Post - example of student blog posts - Fischbowl
  • Wiki
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Podcast
Search Tool - Search Cube