Tutorials for Audacity

Audacity Wiki - lots of tutorial sites and general audio resources

General How-To Files in PDF - step by step hand-outs demonstrating how to use specific tools and functions in Audacity

Installing Audacity - Link to Audacity 1.2.6 (Windows) download

Installing the Lame MP3 Encoder

Recording Narration

Adding Music

Adjusting Audio Levels - adjust music/narration levels

Example File - project with narration, music, and sound effects

Audio Resources

TIE Network - explanation of audio file types and general audio sites

WavSound - sound clips from tv shows, movies, politicians, comedians, etc - Beware- may not be intended for all audiences - some clips contain profanity!

Soundsnap - sound effects and loops

Internet Archives - extensive collection of audio, video, image etc. files