Tips, Tricks, Project Ideas, & Resources

Teacher's Guide to Making Student Movies- resource guide that includes The Production Process, Equipment Basics, Project Ideas, and Links and Resources

Adobe - Digital School Collection of Teacher Resources - good resources for video project lesson plans, assessment tips, and video tutorials. While the site highlights Adobe products, the ideas can be applied with other video editing software.

Kids with Cameras - classroom activities for using digital and video cameras with students

Beth Newingham - see how an elementary teacher is using the movie-making process to help us understand, reinforce, and review new concepts in different areas of the curriculum

Creating Lifelong Learners - Blog that includes digital video posts

Ten Practical Digital Movie Making Projects -

Video in the Classroom - digital storytelling in the elementary grades


Using Video Production to Improve Student Learning - a collection of digital video production and editing resources - including Pinnacle



Video Overlays