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Reading Resources
Into the Book - multimedia package designed to improve students' reading comprehension, as well as their ability to think and learn across the curriculum
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Web English Teacher
Google Lit Trips
e-Books and eStories
Reading and Vocabulary Skill Development
Great Book Stories Wiki
Educational Wikis
Shmoop - covers literature,US history, and poetry with study guides, research content, and links, The language is totally student-friendly. Content is provided in a way that will engage high school and college students.It is written primarily by Ph.D. and Masters students from top universities, like Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale. We source our work (see "Citations") and set rigorous academic standards. Teachers and students should feel confident to cite Shmoop as a source in essays and papers.


Grammarman Comics - Online comic that reinforces grammar. Good for ELL students and teachers.
PIC-LITS Inspired Picture Writing

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers
The Mindmapping Toolbox: 100 Tools, Resources, and Tutorials


Style Guide for Research Papers for grades 6-12
Writing Den

Word Talk - a free text to speech plug-in from Microsoft Word