Gravity - Breakdance - explore gravity as you control a breakdancer as he flips and spins.

Science Fair Resources

lmnet Science Fair Resources wiki page includes elementary science fair topic ideas, research resources, science fair how-to
Collabowiki Science Fair- 5th grade wiki site for class science fair projects - includes instructions for students, student project pages, and other science fair resources
Easy Science Fair - lots of resources, including step by step instructions for creating a science fair project for elementary students
Canada's Virtual Science Fair check out the virtual science fair projects - displayed on a webpage
search for elementary project winners
MWV Science Fair wiki - middle school science fair wiki - check out the student projects link


Watch Know

Best free educational videos for kids online

General Science Resources

Science Online- Science Online is an innovative project that emphasizes the use of technology to deliver science curriculum for grades K-8 (from Jefferson School System in Tennessee).
Switcheroo Zoo - a good site for students to research animals, along with other games and resources. Check out the Habitat Game. (S1L1, S3L1)
EdHeads - interactive weather activities (S4E4 b, c), simple machines (S4P3 a)

Teachers' Domain - Videos and lesson plans for all subject areas and grades.
Click here to view the animation on heat transfer (SP31) from Teacher's Domain.